In case of obligatory reinsurance under the terms of the contract, the entire portfolio of insurance contracts (each and every one) meeting certain criteria (type of insurance, territory, etc.) is subject to reinsurance. Under the contract of obligatory reinsurance the assignor undertakes to transfer to reinsurance all risks described in detail, i.e. the reinsurer obliged to accept such risks does not define and does not estimate risk in each concrete case. As a rule, obligatory reinsurance contracts are concluded for a calendar year.

The assignor has the right to accept risks at its own discretion, to determine the insurance premium. In addition, it must regulate losses as it sees fit in the common interests of the insurer and reinsurer. If the assignor acts with gross negligence or intentionally to the detriment of the interests of the reinsurer, the latter will not be bound by the decisions of the assignor. Thus, the obligation of the reinsurer to follow the actions of the assignor relates to the right of the assignor to manage its Affairs. In other words, the scope and limit of the obligation to follow the actions of the assignor corresponds to the right of the insurer-assignor to manage its business.

At the conclusion of the obligatory reinsurance contract, the parties shall agree on what conditions the reinsurance coverage is provided - in respect of losses incurred during the reinsurance period, or in respect of risks that have been accepted for insurance during the reinsurance period. If the contract is concluded on the condition of the so-called "year of occurrence of losses", it means that all occurred, but not declared, as well as declared, losses may entail an obligation to make a reinsurance payment.

Having a wide experience of placement of various obligatory programs on a proportional and disproportionate basis on all types of insurance we will provide to Your company the most favorable conditions of placement in the markets of Russia, the countries of the former USSR, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


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