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Corporate insurance programmes

The corporate insurance program is a comprehensive insurance product that provides insurance protection of the entire list of corporate interests and activities of the company. In fact, such a program is a reflection of the company's attitude to employees, customers, property, and in General - doing business.

The difference between the usual insurance of legal entities and the corporate insurance program is a comprehensive approach to the formation of the proposal. The main requirement for the correct preparation of the corporate insurance program is its ability to provide quality risk management of the client's business processes. The corporate insurance program takes into account many factors and nuances of the client's business, and most importantly - it assumes the presence of a certain corporate philosophy of the policyholder. Corporate insurance is rarely partial, as a rule, it applies not only to the property interests of the company, but also to employees and even customers. The corporate program includes three basic blocks-comprehensive insurance of the company's property interests (insurance of the property complex and liability), insurance as an element of the social package for different categories of personnel of the enterprise and bonus insurance program for personnel.

For example, for an enterprise engaged in wholesale trade, comprehensive insurance covers such risk areas as the supply of goods, goods in the warehouse and in retail premises, buildings and structures, shops and their interior decoration, all transport risks, insurance of employees. For a road transport company, such a package may consist of the following services: freight forwarder and road carrier liability insurance (CMR), motor transport insurance, compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicles, accident insurance of drivers and passengers, and others (for example, cargo and property). For banks - insurance of money in storage, buildings, liability to customers, electronic equipment, illegal actions of third parties, insurance of employees (voluntary health insurance), motor insurance.

The benefits of comprehensive insurance are obvious: the overall rate of corporate insurance is lower than that of individual types of insurance, and the quality of service is higher (corporate client is a personal Manager and not even one). In addition to basic services, loyalty programs (discounts and insurance bonuses) are developed for such clients.

Being a professional participant of the insurance market and having extensive experience and knowing the specifics of various industries we will offer you comprehensive insurance programs from various insurance companies on favorable terms for any type of insurance:

- property insurance;
- insurance of construction and installation risks;
- insurance of all types of liability;
- Directors and executives liability insurance (D&O);
- cargo insurance;
- motor vehicle insurance;
- insurance of agricultural risks;
- life and health insurance for employees;
- financial risk insurance;
- aviation and space insurance.


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