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Property insurance is the main classic type of insurance and is always in demand in the insurance market. Each organization has at itself on balance any property. It can be workshops, office buildings, warehouses, working equipment and other types of property. Property insurance of legal entities is intended to be one of the levers to minimize financial risks in the enterprise.

When insuring property, the object of insurance is the property interest associated with the possession, use and disposal of the insured property. Property insurance is carried out mainly in the form of voluntary insurance, with the exception of insurance of state property leased. Insurers are any enterprises and organizations of various legal forms, as well as individuals.

The company or organization can issue this type of insurance against all risks (at the maximum rate), or from any specific risks (in this case, the rate will be lower). Property insurance of legal entities implies compensation for damage caused to the insured property due to one or more of the following risks:

- Fire, lightning, explosion;
- When exposed to steam, condensate and / or liquid;
- When interacting with other objects (objects) or animals;
- In case of illegal actions of third parties;
- Theft (theft, robbery, fraud, embezzlement or embezzlement);
- When fighting glass mirrors, show-Windows for any reason;
- When exposed to natural hazards;
- When draught, displacement of soil, or rock;
- Failure of the technical device used for protection, processing, processing, storage and / or transportation of the insured property;
- In case of terrorist acts (acts);
- At fluctuations of parameters of the communication network which have caused internal ignition of the equipment (in case of insurance of the equipment, computers and office equipment);
- In case of accident of the vehicle moving the insured property;
- At breakage of cars, mechanisms (the expanded list of insurance risks);
- At damage of the products (goods) stored in refrigerators;
- When forced to stop the production cycle.

Insurance of legal entities is a reliable and effective way to ensure the protection of the enterprise in the event of certain adverse events


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